Download – Inferno vs London

Here’s a first time match up as the rule breaking Inferno faces pocket rocket London. The size difference between these two is clear from the opening lock up – the blonde is barly 5’00”, while her opponent measures in at 5’8″! Inferno – who’s a classic British bad girl, calmly and coldly taunting and trash talking […]

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Download – Gymnast vs Powerlifter

Two London grapplers return in a special all scissors content to decide who is strongest – the gymnast, Inferno, or the powerlifter, Krusha. The match starts playfully between these two ring rivals but things get increasingly competitive, as both wrestlers focus on winning the most submissions. Krusha gets the first with a powerful figure four […]

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Download – Scissored Spice

Raven has already proved herself to be one of the strongest wrestlers on our roster in matches like Muscle Mania and now she faces ring newcomer Spice. Only submissions by scissor holds are allowed and although the action goes to and fro to start with – including a crushing thigh scissor applied by Spice – […]

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