Download – A Point To Prove

At first it looks like rivals Inferno and Krusha have made up after two bitter matches (Krusha by Name… and Gymnast vs Powerlifter) – they’ve become tag team partners and we join them at their first training session. They look the part in matching leotards but Inferno makes the mistake of suggesting that Krusha is […]

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Customs – March 2018

Two popular wrestlers return to film your customs in March and they couldn’t be more mismatched! Here’s the low down…. BAREFOOT BELLE – Back after around 18 months away, this pocket rocket stands at just 4’11” in her barefeet but she warns her opponents that size doesn’t matter! In fact, she even brought down Toro […]

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Download – Gymnast vs Powerlifter

Two London grapplers return in a special all scissors content to decide who is strongest – the gymnast, Inferno, or the powerlifter, Krusha. The match starts playfully between these two ring rivals but things get increasingly competitive, as both wrestlers focus on winning the most submissions. Krusha gets the first with a powerful figure four […]

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