Download – Two Grappling Gals

In their first match against each other, here are two favourites grappling for supremacy – fit ‘n’ flexible Londoner Laken and Manchester’s muscle maiden, Raven. If you like good old fashioned grunt ‘n’ groan action down on the ring canvas, this contest is for you! Raven, wrestling in the Union Jack leotard, gets the first […]

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Previewing 2018

Here is a sneak preview of action we have to come in 2018! From the UK, Johnny Hall returns to the ring and he is extra brutal against arch rival Lisa King (check out our main picture above) and he wrestles Laken for the first time in a match with an alternative ending, so you […]

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Our Top Ten Matches of 2017

As we say goodbye to 2017, we shine a spotlight on the year’s most downloaded matches. We have compiled a top ten but before we start the countdown, here are some facts and figures: There are 3 mixed matches and 7 all female in the list. Lisa King is the wrestler who appears in the […]

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Download – The Amazon Attacks

Its mismatch time, as Laken, the wrestler with pin up looks, faces mighty amazon Lucrecia. Its a last woman standing match, with the grapplers out to win as many pins and submissions as they can along the way. At 6’00” tall and weighing in at 213 lbs, debuting Lucrecia from the Czech Republic towers over […]

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Download – Ina Black vs Laken

In an earlier match, Lisa King challenged European grappling powerhouse Ina Black and this match up will happen soon but first here is Ina’s debut for us. It was planned to be a friendly warm up without rules against another of our regular wrestlers, Laken but Ina quickly takes control and appears to really enjoy […]

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Previewing Spring 2017’s Downloads

Over on our Instagram account, we’ve been previewing action from some of Spring’s forthcoming releases. We’ve got British matches taped at rings in London and Manchester, aswell as action from the US.  Check out the images: All these matches and more to come this spring including the return of American indie sensations Jordynne Grace and […]

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