Download – Inferno vs London

Here’s a first time match up as the rule breaking Inferno faces pocket rocket London. The size difference between these two is clear from the opening lock up – the blonde is barly 5’00”, while her opponent measures in at 5’8″! Inferno – who’s a classic British bad girl, calmly and coldly taunting and trash talking […]

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Reviewing 2016

2016 was our first full year of wrestling action! Matches featured in this compilation: Old School 2, The Mismatch, Wrestling To The Maxx and Tag Team Time Where to start in reviewing the year in more detail? Well, A is for Axa and Axa Jay made her debut for us partnering with Toro vs the […]

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Previewing July’s Downloads

This is Toro writing with a preview and a thank you for visiting because July is our first anniversary. More about this in a second! We mark our birthday with two big matches to download – a new chapter in the Squashing Lisa King series and Barefoot Belle turns from the destroyed to the […]

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Download – The Mismatch

The tale of the tape cannot lie – 4’11” flyweight Barefoot Belle vs 6’2″ super heavyweight Lord Tyrant. THIS is the ultimate mismatch! There could not be a bigger challenge for brave Belle in her first singles match for us and of course Tyrant knows it. He toys with the rookie, inviting her to attack […]

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Previewing More June Downloads

We’re releasing another two matches this month! The first is Raven’s wrestling debut for us.  The contest starts as a struggle between the black haired bruiser – trained by the legendary Pippa L’Vinn – and her opponent Toro but she quickly grows in confidence to overpower him. Hence the title of this one – Raven […]

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Download – Tag Team Time

Ladies and gentlemen, its tag team time – The League of Extraordinary Blondes vs Bullies R Us! Yup, the beauties face the beasts in our first ever tag match, as Barefoot Belle and Lisa King – both wrestling without boots – take on Lord Tyrant and Toro who’re more than twice the women’s weight. Attempting […]

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