October is Lisa King Month

This month we celebrate the incredible British grappler, Lisa King. At 5’4″ and weighing in at 140 lbs , Lisa has starred in more than 30 matches for promixedwrestling.com This wrestler’s seven matches in the Squashing Lisa King series earned her the crown of queen of jobbers. Lisa sells both ways though and she can […]

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Download – Laken And The Lord

London grappler, Laken begins this match confidentally, telling Lord Tyrant that the T on his singlet stands for teddy bear. “You’re going to be my teddy bear” she teases him and its not long before she jumps on his back and applies a pretty effective looking sleeperhold. Its an impressive start by the wrestler in […]

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Download – Bodyslammin’

Probably the greatest rivalry within promixedwrestling.com is between Lord Tyrant and Lisa King and now they return for a special bodyslams challenge. Lisa’s been working out and, desperate to show off her strength, she challenges her opponent to a first to five bodyslams contest. Mistake. Big mistake. Tyrant gives her a free pass to apply […]

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