Customs Shoot – January 2019

We’ve opened bookings for a rare shoot in London, taking place in the new year, with some incredible wrestlers! Toro The Bully will be available for mixed matches vs Inferno, Killpussy, Krusha or London. There is also a chance to sponsor matches – so you make a contribution towards the cost of filming and get […]

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Download – 3 Match Challenge

New one sided mixed action as British fan favourite Lisa King and big bad Toro The Bully wrestle a three match tournament. The masked mauler – who has a record of mercilesssly beating his opponent – says she only has to win one of the three matches for victory but he needs to get a […]

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Download – Lisa’s Heart Attack

Here is Lisa King proving again why she is Britain’s jobber queen in this latest contest versus big Toro The Bully. Attacks to Lisa’s chest dominate this clash with boots, elbows, punches and slaps down on the canvas, in the corners and with the jobber tied up in the ropes. The masked mauler also unleashes […]

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Download – Below The Belt

Ladies and gentlemen, its mismatch time! One fall to decide the winner, as little 5’2″ Eva returns to the ring to face the masked mauler Toro The Bully who’s more than twice her weight. The last time these mismatched wrestlers met he focused on working over her legs, this time its low blows. Infact the […]

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