Download – Tag Team Time 5

Technical chain wrestling decends into one sided carnage in this British intergender tag team challenge, as Johnny Hall and Lisa King face Pippa L’Vinn and Loxleigh. NEW tag team action to download! — (@pmixedwrestling) October 19, 2019 Johnny and Loxleigh are first in, exchanging hammerlocks, headlocks, waistlocks and wristlocks. Aggressive Pippa’s in next […]

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Download – Jordynne vs Penelope

US indie star Jordynne Grace returns to and this time she demolishes east coast wrestler, Penelope Ford who makes her debut. The blonde starts promisingly enough by reversing two holds but a low blow takes her down and she never recovers. Jordynne showcases her incredible strength by delivering bodyslams and kneeling piledrivers. “You’re so […]

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Download – Jordynne vs Maria

Jordynne and Maria may be American indie grapplers but this match has the spirit of Brit pro wrestling running right through it! Its in the back and forth action of this best out of 3 contest, the variety of holds and even the classic old school gear. Maria starts things on a bad note mocking […]

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